Scoop Aviation Inc. is a privately held company, operating out of St. Mary’s County Maryland. We are focused on providing the commercial market with safe, reliable, and fun, Part 103 ultralight eVTOL "manned drones".

Our mission is to affordably unlock the third dimension, and we have already made significant strides in achieving this goal with our small but highly skilled team.

To date, we have developed:

  • Designed and flown 10+ clean sheet eVTOL configurations
  • A working triple-redundant flight computer
  • Smart lithium-ion battery systems
  • A working full-scale Flying Go-Kart technology demonstrator
  • Summer, 2021

    Triple Redundant Flight Computer Flight Testing

    Triple redundant flight computer makes first flight on drone. Faults introduced to controlling flight computer and companion computers take over.

  • Fall, 2022

    Sub-Scale Flight Testing

    1/4 Scale drone resembling the Flying Go-Kart takes flight.

  • Fall, 2022

    Full-Scale Prototype Development Starts

    Development of full-scale prototype for the Flying Go-Kart begins. Work on custom aluminum frame, li-ion smart batteries and redundant power supply architecture starts.

  • Spring, 2023

    Full-Scale Flight Testing

    Full-scale prototype build and assembly complete. Full-scale Prototype takes flight and flight test program begins.

  • TBD

    Next Milestones

    • DO-254 & DO-178C Compliance for Triple Redundant Flight Computer
    • Production Flying Go-Kart Design
    • Production Flying Go-Kart Flight Testing
    • Pre-Orders